Big Showing From Ant-Man

Yesterday was a big day for Marvel Studios’ second film of 2015.

The hero known as Ant-Man got a huge boost from social media by releasing not only a “minimalist” poster, but also the putting star Paul Rudd on the cover of Entertainment Weekly!



Combine that with the big push for the first true-sized trailer for the film that debuted with the first episode of Agent Carter last night on ABC, and people are really starting to talk.

But what are they talking about?

We really didn’t see much of what we had thought the story would be about- but we did get a lot of really cool visuals of the miniscule hero in action. From the actual use of Pym Particles to shrink, to the use of the helmet to talk to and control ants. It all seems to be coming along great, effects wise.

The feel wasn’t exactly the heist movie we’d heard about. It seemed more of a passing of a torch, but one that hadn’t been lit yet. There was a lot of Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym dialog, but it all seemed a bit ham-fisted, especially for a teaser trailer that is supposed to pump people up. Look at the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and compare the two. Which movie would you be more excited for?

I’m hoping the film is better than this trailer. I want Marvel to succeed with ancillary, non-Avenger characters so we get the most diverse films we can have. A good Ant-Man film may lead to a great Giant-Man sequel, with Bill Foster maybe?

Ant-Man is due in theaters July 17th, 2015

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