Associated Geekery Episode #76

“Secret Thors.”


We CAN’T have been the only ones to make this joke, right?

We soldier on with Associated Geekery Episode #76. Last week was big for news, so let’s get to it!

Jumping right in to Comics news: Marvel announced their answer to DC’s Crisis On Infinite Earths- 30 years later! It’s called Secret Wars– wait, didn’t they do that already? Answer: yes they did, twice. But this one is all new and will revamp all of Marvel’s current titles!

But in other news- Milestone Comics is coming back!





In TV news:

Last week had a bunch of Movie announcements:

Melissa Benoist is Supergirl; Sophie Turner is Jean Grey; Emma Watson is Belle; David Tennant is Purple Man; Daniel Bruhl is Baron Zemo.

The SDCC rumor that just won’t die reared it’s ugly head yet again. Anyone laying odds yet?

Finally, in late awesome news: someone in San Francisco is using Ms. Marvel to battle hate. Good on them.

Our recommendations this week are:

Hannibal, also GL Valentine’s Catwoman; Guardians of the Galaxy #23, and Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #4!

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