Associated Geekery Episode #77

“The Centaur Of Attention.”


To Be Reckoned With. Eh? EH?

Associated Geekery Episode #77 is back- with some great new stuff to talk about!

Who you gonna call? Apparently- the women! Ghostbusters are back and in control- top panty hose! (Okay, I’m done)

In other Movie news- rumors of Disney wanting everybody’s favorite children’s entertainer as the next Indiana Jones floated around… and fell into a pit behind Anne’s house. Where it found company in the new Fantastic Four movie trailer, which nobody really cared about, either apparently.

TV news had some interesting things- Rachael Taylor has been cast as Hellcat for AKA Jessica Jones on Netflix, Supergirl finds her Jimmy Olsen in Mehcad Brooks, and Daredevil’s preview actually seems interesting.

BUT WAIT- BREAKING NEWS! (Okay, it broke when we were recording, but give us this one, okay?) SPIDER-MAN JOINS MARVEL’S CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!

Over in Comics, DC just announced a whole slew of new titles post-Convergence, and they seem… weirdly diverse. In a good way. Over at Marvel- a fully female Avengers book? Color us interested.

Finally- one last movie tidbit- Marvel looking at Angelina Jolie to direct Captain Marvel? Okay.

Our recommendations this week are:

BBC’s The Musketteers, Monster of the Week, and Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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