Associated Geekery Episode #81

“This Episode Is Now Gross.”


World’s ended? Every month is No-Shave November!

And we’ve done it again! An all-new Episode #81 of Associated Geekery!

Carrie’s back with Ryan & Doc to discuss quite a few things- both gross and good.

Starting with the gross: PAXEast was this past weekend, and as usual, there was reason to cringe about it. Last month, game designer Brianna Wu explained why her company was pulling out of the show. And just to prove her right, a situation did rear it’s ugly head. According to Wu, it was defused, but it’s another stack of rubber on the smelly tire fire that is harassment at PAX.

One thing we noticed that was good news from PAXEast- Blizzard announced a new character for the upcoming Overwatch shooter, and boy is she tough!

In Comics news: Marvel announced a new series for everyone’s favorite tree-of-few-words, Groot– with art by friend of the show Brian Kesinger!

Over in that nexus of Comics and Movies- rumor has it that Marvel Studios might not make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con for 2015. Is this the start of Disney reining in their properties for exclusives at their own shows? Could this begin a trend in big studios pulling out of the international show?

And speaking of Disney and movies- did you guys catch that famous mountain that made a cameo in the new trailer for Tomorrowland? No? Go watch it again! (it’s also on the poster!)

Also in Movies: we’re very glad that someone has finally stepped up and announced an all-male Ghostbusters film. It’s exactly what the franchise needed after all this talk about women.

Wait, though- did you guys see this, ’cause it’s funny:


Lastly, Carrie does a quick report about FOGCon 2015!

Our Recommendations this week are:

Oddly enough, FOGCon, Last Man On Earth, and games from Dresden RPG and Werewolf the Forsaken.

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