Associated Geekery Episode #82

“Popsicle Delivery Mechanism.”

The Hero we All deserve- Batkid.

The Hero we All deserve- Batkid.

Associated Geekery is out with Episode #82!

War On Secrets!

Marvel is re-releasing old stories that tie in to the upcoming Secret Wars crossover- for $1 an issue! Also, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps cements the fans’ love for the character in the title!

In Other Comics news: DC debuted images for the big three post-Convergence, with all new costumes. Some, like Superman, went by with few comments- but what about that Wonder Woman? Some artists came out railing against the injustice of clothing!

While that happened, DC also made a spectacular blunder with the Joker variant cover for June’s issue of Batgirl, and there was no shortage of internet comments, and misplaced rage. Thankfully, due to the requests of the artist and the Batgirl creative team, DC has pulled the cover.

In Movies- it looks like we’ll be getting the Batkid documentary, AND the Batkid feature film we deserve! (added bonus, Batkid is in remission!)

Lastly, Carrie has a report from Writers With Drinks in San Fran!

Recommendations coming at you this week are:

Musical artists Muse have a new single out, Spider-Woman #5 launched a new costume and a new direction, and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix is bringing the laughs.

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