Associated Geekery Episode #83

“What Is Moose”


You’re just begging to face the Muse.

Welcome Friends, to Associated Geekery Episode #83! Let’s jump into stuff!

Last week, #MyFirstComic was trending on Twitter, so we thought we’d share our first comics experiences and how they set us on the journey of the graphic novel

In Comics news, we learned that sometimes the best man for the job is a woman- in this case, Thor! Seems that fans prefer the new female version over the old guy-of-thunder, with sales of the new series topping Odinson’s issues!

War On Secrets!

Marvel released the list of 33 titles that will be cancelled in the run-up to Secret Wars. Are your favorites among them? And how many will be back?

Over in Movies, there’s a new teaser for the live-action Attack On Titan film from Japan- did you see it yet? We did- and we’re discussing it! (until we start talking about Kamen Rider and Gravity Falls)

Recommendations for this week’s episode are:

Have you guys heard of this Muse band? Apparently there’s another new single out. The Dresden Files audio books get the final James Marsters treatment, and Batgirl: Endgame shows you don’t always need dialog to tell a good story.

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