Associated Geekery Episode #84

“There’s Going To Be New Feelings Coming Out”

Captain Nemo couldn't have made a better vessel! (photo courtesy Disney Food Blog)

Captain Nemo couldn’t have made a better vessel! (photo courtesy Disney Food Blog)

The AG crew is back with Episode #84!

In Movie/TV news… Someone must care that Steven Spielberg is directing the movie for Ready Player One, right? Right?

Well, we did hear some casting news that made us happy: Ciara Renée has been cast in The CW’s Flash/Arrow spinoff as Hawkgirl! Also- the Suicide Squad movie has added another Bat-villian with Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to play Killer Croc!

Next we jump to Comics! Marvel announced the line up for the Post-Secret Wars “All New, All Different Avengers”– and there are some surprising heroes who made the cut!

War On Secrets!

And Speaking of Secret Wars- Marvel announced that pre-orders for the initial series #1 issue have hit over 550,000! And, to make things even more interesting- they’re giving retailers sets of Infinity Stones as incentives!

Also, Marvel announced another title for Secret Wars: Siege by Kieron Gillen!

We have some Convention stuff to talk about, with GEN CON Indy giving the governor of Indiana what for over that state’s new pro-discrimination laws- good on you, GEN CON!

And lastly, Carrie and Doc give us a report on their very first visit to Emerald City Comic Con!

Recommendations for this week’s episode are:

Espionage Cosmetics, Batman Love Letter, and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

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