WonderCon 2015 Cosplay Photos

Disney Princesses

Here are our photos for WonderCon 2015!

We’re working on updating each entry with the cosplayers names and links, so if you see someone you know, comment below and we’ll get them added!


Ariel – StrangeLikeThat Cosplay

Wonder Woman – Sinfisted (Adult Content)

Go-Go & Honey Lemon – Shii Arisugawa & Varnani

Wonder Woman – Jean Gomez Cosplay

Diana of Themyscira – Golden Lasso Cosplay

Commander Riker – Will

X-Punks – Birds of ‘Play

Steampunk Gadget – Hybrid Realities Cosplay

Business Aurora- Oakley Boren

Bert – James Ward

Wasabi – Assassin-Forte of Cosplay

Haunted Mansion – David & Kayla

Xena & Gabrielle – Bernadette Bentley & Kathy Lutz

Victorian Supergirl – Cle_Shay Cosplay

Fred & Honey Lemon – Rogue Shadow Cosplay & The Stylish Geek

Poison Ivy – ER Collective

Kili – ER Collective

Sonya Blade – Claire Sassypants

’89 Joker (Uncle Bingo) – Latino Joker

Star Wars Harley & Joker – Oakley Boren

Mystique – Mysterious Ways Cosplay

Power Girl – Birds of ‘Play

Black Cat – Birds of ‘Play

Owen & Raptors – Fanboy Brandon

Pirate Gotham City Sirens – Harlequin and Hazel

War & 11th Doctors –

Velma – Batt

8th Doctor – Nick

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  1. I’m the Kate Bishop and the Tina Belcher 😀 Thanks for the lovely photos of both!

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