Associated Geekery Episode #86

“Jim Spacejumper”


Don’t call this one “Chrome Dome”.

We are back from our missing week to bring you Associated Geekery Episode #86!

We had some fun this past week, so let’s get to the news first!

Marvel and Comixology both had some good news with comics sales this past March- but the best news was that the ladies were leading the way!

Over at DC, the identity of the new, post-Convergence Batman is…

In the continuing War On Secrets: June’s incentives covers will feature Gwen Stacy as EVERYONE!

Switching to Movie & TV news: Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson is rumored to be in talks with Marvel to appear in Black Panther- maybe as T’Challa’s dad?

Is there a Ms. Marvel TV series in the works? Maybe- but there’s definitely an Agents of SHIELD spin-off coming. Could they be one and the same?

Speaking of Marvels- Carol Danvers has a pair of screen writers who bring some pretty strong credentials. A good sign?

On the online side of things, Disney, Lucasfilm and Fox came together to release the existing Star Wars films for digital download, with bonus extra features included.

Speaking of Star Wars:

Oh, and this one:

Oh, and this one too:


And finally, Doc & Ryan discuss their adventures in a galaxy far, far away at Star Wars Celebration!

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