Associated Geekery Episode #87

“The One Where Ryan Has A Stroke”

Do you miss sci-fi comedy? You won’t.

Better late than never, it’s Associated Geekery Episode #87!

Strangely enough, we start off on a tangent about Garbage Pail Kids.

In Book Nook, seems there was some interesting moves for Hugo Award nominees. But is it getting tiresome?

In Comics, there’s some better awards news, as the annual Eisner Awards list of nominees for 2015 were announced, and there’s cause for celebration, as 34 women found themselves on the list, along with several female led titles!

Keeping with the diversity in comics vibe, DC announced they are teaming with Warner Bros. and Mattel to launch an all new project focusing on female heroes, to include comics, toys, games apparel and many more items. The project is aimed at the young female demographic, to help encourage girls to be just like their favorite heroes!

It’s not all rosy in comics news, though. Apparently DC didn’t learn enough from the lackluster sales of the last “Dark Knight” installment, and has invited Frank Miller to finish a trilogy- with the last series called, “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race”. Really? Who approved that title?

In Movie news, more bat-fails as the first official images of Jared Leto as the Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Again, who’s in charge over there? Oh, but wait- forget the tattoos, guys. It’s all just Photoshoppery.

And in TV back to comics, to help celebrate S.H.I.E.L.D.’s 50th anniversary, Marvel will release one-shots based on the MCU’s version of the intelligence agency’s best and brightest! Get set for some butt-kicking from Agents May, Skye, Mockingbird, and yes, Carter! Under the auspices of Director Nick Fury, of course.

In Nerd Fashion, Her Universe and We Love Fine are both coming out strong with new clothing lines for geek girls featuring the Avengers!

And, finally- since Carrie was not able to be on last week, let’s talk a bit more about Star Wars.

Our Recommendations this week are:

The Hella Vegan Eats food truck, Other Space, and Star Wars Black Series: Boba Fett (Prototype)

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