Associated Geekery Episode #88

“He Was Literally Built For This Movie And He’s Such A Dick”

Catch up with the Universe!

We have all survived the first blockbuster weekend of 2015, and Associated Geekery is here with Episode #88!

So, this week kind of gets off to a weird start, bear with us.

Video Game news brought us leaked teaser images of Disney Infinity 3.0- Star Wars! (Subsequently, Disney released info on the game Tuesday.

Speaking of Star Wars- in Movie news, new images of the cast of Episode 7 were released in advance of next week’s Vanity Fair magazine– including badass Chrometrooper Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie!

Other movie cast photos surfaced- including images of the players of Slipknot Suicide Squad.

Our big movie news, though- is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Our spoiler-riffic review contains some good/quite a bit of bad. But, that’s not what we should be discussing.

The Marvel Studios Black Widow trailer is what we should be discussing.

In other Ultron-related news- seems that after a s**t-storm of backlash hit his account, Joss Whedon signed off Twitter.

Our Recommendations this week are:

Steven Universe on Hulu & Hulu Plus, Rifftrax: The Room & More, and TED Talks about real world relationships with fictional characters.

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