Associated Geekery Episode #89

“A Planet Like Earth”



Associated Geekery Episode #89 is here to fill your ears with news and reviews!

Doc and Ryan are left to their own devices this week, and have come up with a bunch of stuff to talk about:

TV land got a slew of renewed shows announced last week. Amongst them are some of our favorites- Agent Carter (with a call to #DiversifyAgentCarter), Galavant, Agents of Shield*.

Everybody should be doing their best Kermit Flail, because the Muppets are coming back to prime-time, baby!

Also flying in this fall will be Supergirl! She had a big preview, too!

Movie news was all about Disney properties this past week, it seems. What with your Boba Fett movie, and that joker JJ Abrams, and more mention of a new Indiana Jones!

Marvel didn’t want to be left out, either. Joss Whedon broke his silence over his Twitter departure, Marvel Entertainment’s CEO opened his big mouth about why we don’t see so many female superhero movies, and EVERYONE is cast in Captain America: Avengers 2.5 Civil War.

But in real Avengers news, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have been tasked to screenwrite Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 AND 2. So, with the Russos directing, they may be good after all.

Rounding out Movie news- Everyone is calling Mad Max: Fury Road a feminist action movie. Even Vagina Monologues writer Eve Ensler. Let the MRAs stew on that for a bit while the film makes a bajillion dollars.

Lastly, we discuss how has removed gender qualifications from their online toy shop searches. About time, and hopefully other retailers will catch that drift.

Our Recommendations this week are:

Go to Target and get Disney Infinity 2.0 figures cheap while you can.

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*Maybe “favorite” is a bit strong on this one.

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