Associated Geekery Episode #90

“Bullet Farmer #2”

mad_max_fury_road_ver11_xlg-600x874Witness Associated Geekery Episode #90- all shiny and chrome!

Doc and Ryan are with you again to discuss nerdy news of the week, and then get down to a spoiler filled review of Mad Max: Fury Road

Last week, internet bulletin board/black hole of Calcutta Reddit added some long overdue Anti-harassment rules to their space, which did ruffle a few “free-speech” feathers.

Over in TV news, the CW blasted out both images and a sneak peak video of their newest Arrow/Flash spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow– starring some of DC’s lesser known heroes and villains. With this many flashy powers, it’s going to get expensive.

DC Comics proper has announced an all-new series based on the popular “Bombshells” art and statue series that was introduced in 2014. The series will launch in July digitally, with hard copies in stores in August, written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Marguerite Sauvage. New statues join the line later this year as well.

In Movie news, set photos have leaked from Captain America: Civil War, showing off Chris Evans in full spangly gear, Anthony Mackie in his new Falcon getup, and Frank Grillo’s all-new Crossbones outfit- which is very menacing. Looks good so far!

And finally, we begin our discussion of Mad Max with the news that it lost 1st place on opening weekend to rival Pitch Perfect 2. But lets be honest, it was a worthy contest.

Our Mad Max: Fury Road spoilers begin at 37:11 and stretch to 55:40- so listener beware!

Our Recommendations this week are:

RPG Apocalypse World and Season 3 of Moone Boy on Hulu Plus.

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