Associated Geekery Episode #91

“I Think There Has To Be A Better One.”


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It’s an all new Associated Geekery! Episode #91 to be precise!

Doc and Ryan are back again with a little bit of news, and then some discussion of the Summer Movie Season!

In Convention news, Denver Comic Con seemed to be shaping up pretty well from all reports- until we heard about the “History of Women in Comics” panel that featured ZERO women. A glaring omission? Or just lazy panel creation? We’ll let you decide.

In War On Secrets news, Doc gets some encouragement about some of the limited series spinning out of Marvel’s universe-ending cross over, not the least of which is Dog Thor.

Following that is our talk about summer films that we’ve seen so far- including Ryan’s quick review of Tomorrowland- and more talk about Mad Max: Fury Road.

Our Recommendations this week are:

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