Associated Geekery Episode #94

“Raptor Noises”


E3. It really is full of E’s.

Dr. Grant. My dear Dr. Sattler. Welcome, to Associated Geekery Episode #94.

Before we get into our review of Jurassic World, here’s some news stories that struck our fancy.

TV news caught our attention with Netflix & Marvel announcing the casting of “The Walking Dead” actor Jon Bernthal as Frank “The Punisher” Castle on Season 2 of “Daredevil”. Guess Matt will have more than bad guys to beat up on.

In Movie-related news, Marvel announced that when “Captain America: Civil War” comes around, we’ll see  actual investment in merchandise featuring Black Widow, amongst other heroes- those who aren’t prominent and white. 

In Convention news, while it seems that for whatever reason, Marvel Studios will not be putting on a big to-do in Hall H at SDCC this year- Lucasfilm will be there “in force” with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One of many events and panels set for that Friday regarding Star Wars. 

Also at San Diego, art hosting website Deviant Art has pulled their sponsorship of the famous Artist’s Alley this year. Will this leave any artists in the lurch? Will CCI find another sponsor in less than a month?

Over in Book news, the Nebula Awards saw something very interesting in 2015- a near sweep of the top awards by female Sci-Fi writers. Good news for diversity in literature, great news for female authors in general.

Gamer news jumped into high gear just this week at E3! Along with a slew of new and highly anticipated games announced, Microsoft came out with some interesting news regarding the before-impossible backwards compatibility for the XBox One!

Finally, we jump into our review of Jurassic World. Beware of spoilers around 47:30!

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