Associated Geekery Episode #95



It’s a lovely day in the Park

Associated Geekery Episode #95 is here to fill you in on all the nerd news from the past week. Or at least what we found interesting.

We’re talking Comics first: Marvel announced that former Ultimate webslinger Miles Morales will star in the adjective-less Spider-Man series after Secret Wars are done and that has us extremely excited! Also gleaming our cube is word of a new Doctor Strange series written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Chris Bachalo. Sad news, though, with the departure of Kelly Sue DeConnick from Captain Marvel and Noelle Stevenson from Lumberjanes.

In Movie news, it seems that a certain Downey Jr. may know something about the Hulk popping up in Civil War next year. Meanwhile, Wakanda’s greatest hero may have a new director- as Marvel courts Ava DuVernay to direct Black Panther. Lastly, it seems the world still loves dinosaurs because Jurassic World passed the billion dollar mark this past weekend and shows very little signs of extinction anytime soon.

TV fans were rocked by the news that everyone’s favorite cannibal will not be getting a fourth season. Add that to the strange tale of the on again, off again Hawkgirl series that was never on to begin with.

Finally, in Tech news, the Apple Music streaming service heard an earful from Taylor Swift over their decision to not pay royalties for the initial 3 months, so much so they reversed their stance. But was that the whole story?

Recommendations this week are: Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out and LEGO Jurassic World the Video Game.

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