Associated Geekery Episode #101

“This Isn’t Firestorm.”

Does Chris Pine have a tooth-shine like this? I doubt it.

Associated Geekery is in your ears with a new episode that just so happens to be the 101st!

In Movie news- last week gave us a minor “what’s going on?” mystery with Channing Tatum first leaving Fox’s “Gambit” and then triumphantly returning to Fox’s “Gambit”. And we all kind of shook our collective heads.

Other white movie action-hunk Chris Pine finally joined the DC Comic film family- not as Hal Jordan, but as Wonder Woman’s main squeeze and damsel-in-distress Steve Trevor. We guess chasing movie princesses hasn’t worn off of him yet.

Over at Marvel Studios, Rachel McAdams has been courted by the Sorcerer Supreme to co-star in Doctor Strange as… Night Nurse? Wait- we thought Night Nurse was already in Daredevil played by Rosario Dawson. No? Completely different nurse who works on superheroes at night? Huh. Small world.

Speaking of Daredevil- In TV news, Netflix announced that we’re all getting a new Marvel series every six months. Starting any day now. Y’know, whenever Jessica Jones is ready.

Comics news reared its head last week as well, with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Alex Alonso declaring the 616 Universe character Hercules to be straight- despite evidence and storylines to the contrary.

Lastly, in Crowdfunding news- it has finally happened. A Kickstarter campaign that defaulted on its promises has been successfully sued by the state of Washington, and will have to pay damages to donors. We never thought we’d see the day.

Recommendations this week include: Invader Zim #1 from Oni Press, and Ant-Man: Second Chance Man from Marvel.

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