Associated Geekery Episode #102

“Thanos Has A Space Thing.”

groot no 3

Groot- Surfing with the Alien

Episode #102 of the Associated Geekery podcast is here! Let’s jump into the news, shall we?

We may have a glimpse into the lineups for Pro vs. Anti in Captain America: Civil War! Who’s team are you rooting for? Do you care at this point?

While the Fantastic Four film has a less than fantastic opening weekend, Ant-Man crosses the $300 million mark world wide. Maybe it’s not the heroes, but how their stories are told?

Finally, we saw a new glimpse, a tiny, tiny glimpse into a galaxy far, far away with the Korean trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It has to be the most talked about 1.5 seconds in movie history.

Over in TV News, Fox may be bringing their mutants to the small screen, as interest in an X-Men series starts brewing, only- who would they cast, and could they woo any of the screen stars?

Also running in this week, was casting of Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West (aka Kid Flash) on CW’s The Flash season 2. Will he don the lighting clad suit with Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen? Or will he be just another supporting character who happens to know his secret identity?

Finally, Agent Carter gets a new nemesis for her second season in the person of Madame Masque. Is this the beginning of an honest-to-goodness rogues gallery for Peggy Carter? We can only hope so!

Recommendations this week include: Avengers Academy, Groot #3, We Bare Bears, and Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars!

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