Associated Geekery Episode #103

“Gazpacho Of Comedy.”

She’s Inhuman, too!

It’s Associated Geekery Episode #103! Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!

We start off with Movie news- and some leaked shots of Black Panther on the set of Captain America: Civil War! What do you think of the Panther suit? We think it’s pretty cool!

Last weekend’s D23 Expo had some pretty big panels on the live-action film side. But between Marvel and Star Wars, which will be the bigger hit? And will anyone remember what else was shown?

Speaking of D23- did you all catch that whole “Star Wars Land” thing? Yeah- we’re discussing that at length this episode.

So much so that we have to Lightning Round our remaining topics:

TV: Dr. Light will be brightening up Season 2 of The Flash, while NBC is developing a new workplace comedy set in the DC Universe– wait, what?

Comics news brings us news of a great new comic from Marvel: Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur– which brings back our favorite dino-themed song. Lastly- Ms. Marvel is getting the audio book treatment!

Recommendations this week include: Rocket League and Lando #2 & Secret Wars #5!

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