Associated Geekery Episode #104

“Betty White Is A Known Murderer.”


Jay Justice makes a fantastic She-Hulk!

Associated Geekery Episode #104 is here for your enjoyment! Enjoy!

Our first topic is a TV news round-up! Netflix’s Luke Cage series cast Academy Award winner Alfre Woodard as a mystery figure who will have a big impact on the main character. Additionally- news that antagonist Diamondback will feature heavily in Luke’s past.

The rumor of an Agents of SHIELD spin-off that we spoke of previously has finally come true, as ABC orders “Most Wanted” starring Adrienne Palicki as Bobbi “Mockingbird” Chase.

Lastly, CW’s The Flash has cast yet another speedster for Season 2, as newcomer Violett Beane joins as Jessie Chambers- aka Jessie Quick!

The Hugo Awards were handed out last week, and in an interesting twist, the “Sad Puppies” slate of nominees garnered a total of 5 “No Awards” as the judging committee declined to give out anything! Meanwhile, fan favorites Guardians of the Galaxy and Ms. Marvel took home awards for Best Dramatic Presentation and Best Graphic story, respectively!

Finally, over in Comics news, Marvel announced their variant covers for October- Cosplay! Yes, cosplayers representing their favorite characters grace a slew of new #1 issues, with some famous, and some yet-to-be famous! Is this a the start of a trend? Or just some great recognition for some hard-working fans?

Recommendations this week include: The Dead Author’s Podcast and The Black Tapes Podcast!

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