Associated Geekery Episode #106

“A Wizarding World Of Exhaustion.”

She’s got a gold arm! Will she get an Iron Fist?

Associated Geekery Episode #106 is live and ready to entertain your earholes!

In Movie news- the continuing story of Marvel Studios’ move from Marvel Entertainment provided us with several interesting rumors: has the Creative Committee bitten the dust, or was there never a band to begin with?! Was Disney’s consideration Age of Ultron as failure part of Feige’s leverage? Was Ike Perlmutter a big reason for the lack of Black Widow merchandise? We discuss all this and more!

In Comics, a rumor we discussed on a previous show has come to pass as Amadeus Cho is revealed as the Totally Awesome Hulk! Sure feels good to be right sometimes!

From the world of Television- more casting for Luke Cage, as Misty Knight joins the crew in the form of Simone Missick!

Also, Supergirl’s cast gains another super being with the casting of T.O. Morrow and his creation: Red Tornado! Actor Iddo Goldberg joins up as both the super scientist AND his amazing android!

Our Recommendations this week include: the Los Angeles Natural History Museum (and museums in general) and!

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