Associated Geekery Episode #108

“Pumpkin Spice It Up.”


Red Red Red- Red Tornado

Associated Geekery Episode #108 has arrived!

Let’s get into the news: Movies- The age old rumor from a galaxy far, far away has once again swung past our system- but is the original Star Wars trilogy coming out on Blu-Ray in it’s original, un-special edition glory?

Over at Warner Brothers, rumor is circling around another DC property getting the film treatment- this time in the form of Superbuddies Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! How much stock anyone is putting into this rumor is anybody’s guess.

Finally- and we do mean FINALLY, DC has been gracious enough to credit writer Bill Finger with the co-creation of Batman. However, can we get a better example of the legacy than “Gotham” or “Batman V. Superman” to hang that on? Please?

Meanwhile, in TV news, the CW released a teaser image of Supergirl’s version of Red Tornado. He’s certainly got texture, huh?

Over in Comic Book news- author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates has been brought onboard Marvel to write Black Panther this spring. Coates has quite the writing resume, and it seems this could be a sign Marvel may be getting serious with it’s in-house diversity.

And finally, in what may be the greatest attempt at a movie tie-in party during a convention- this October’s New York Comic Con will see the first “Blade”-style Blood Rave. That’s right- not only will you see vampires dancing and sword-fighting, but you’ll also get the chance to be doused with fake blood. Bring the kids! (don’t though- it’s 18+)

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