Associated Geekery Episode #121

“Weird Al Spoiled The Episode.”

Birth of Space Ghost

Associated Geekery Episode #121 has arrived!

Dawk and Ryan are back to talk about nerd news and geek stuff that has popped up on the radar!

First off, we discuss the Fine Bros. and the quest to copyright “React Videos”.

A small snippet about test screenings of Captain America: Civil War- with some interesting news.

Dawk catches Ryan up on the new Pottermore website- and Ryan learns something new about sorting!

DC announced that an all-new all-different Hanna-Barbarraverse is coming, and it’s hip and edgy!

Cartoon Network announced an all new Justice League cartoon– featuring the return of Kevin Conroy as Batman!

Even more DC news: new photos of DC Superhero Girls figures and dolls have surfaced, and they look pretty good!

Lastly, we do a spoiler-free review of Galavant Season 2! (hint- it was awesome)

Recommendations this week are: podcasts We Hate Movies and Black Tapes Season 2.

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