Associated Geekery Episode #122

“They Didn’t Do That In The 80’s.”

I had to put Bob in here. I had to.

Welcome, friends- to Associated Geekery Episode #122!

This week, Dawk and Ryan discuss the following:

Superb Owl had some good commercials this year- but none better than those for 2016’s upcoming comic movies!

Speaking of movies, the newly opened Deadpool film is officially getting a sequel. That’s a lot of chimichangas to earn!

In TV news, CBS announced that Hannibal show-runner Bryan Fuller will be helming the Star Trek TV revival! Furthermore, Twitter exploded at Fuller’s wishlist of Angela Bassett and Rosario Dawson as the captain and commander of his ship! Talk about dream casting!

After last week’s episode, CBS and CW announced that The Flash would cross worlds to guest-star on Supergirl. Little did we know that there would be a tiny cameo on the Flash!

Finally, in comics news- it’s now canon that Archie’s pal Jughead is asexual. Wait, wasn’t that already a thing? Or was it that it just makes sense?

Recommendations this week are: TV shows Angie Tribeca and The Bob Newhart Show.

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