Associated Geekery Episode #126

“Sorry About The Voice.”


“Hello? Yes, this is Professor Frink. I’m a Meme? Holy Glayvin!”

Associated Geekery Episode #126! Now with Vitamin K!

It’s a madhouse with this episode, so let’s jump in!

Marvel Studio’s top dog has said not to expect any R-rated films in the wake of everyone else and their mother announcing R-rated this and R-rated that. But that’s okay, there’s always the Netflix shows!

Meanwhile, fan favorite J.K. Simmons (of J. Jonah Jameson fame) is jumping ship to star as Commissioner Gordon in DC’s Justice League. Does this mean the end of JJ’s demands for more Spider-Man photos?

Back at Sony- Disney pop-star Zendaya has landed what is being called a “leading role” in the next Spider-Man reboot. Is her rumored role just a smokescreen?

Lastly, it sounds like Iron Fist may be bringing along another Marvel martial artist next year- Shang-Chi may be joining the cast. No rumors on who would play the Asian hero yet, but let’s hope Marvel can at least hire an Asian actor for him.

Recommendations this week are: The Frinkiac and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter… sorta.

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