Associated Geekery Episode #133

“Of Mice And Marvel.”

And slightly longer if you're a woman.

And slightly longer if you’re a woman.

We have an all new Associated Geekery for ya! Episode #133, in fact!

So, Netflix ordered another Marvel series and- surprise! It’s a gun-toting maniac!

In Movies, it a better story as in it’s first week of release, Cap 3 has earned over $300 million! And it’s not even out in the States- where he’s named after!

Reebok made some tactical blunders this week with their replica Ripley boots. Who doesn’t specify women’s sizes for shoes worn by a woman?!

And finally, 20th Century Fox is bowing out of Hall H at San Diego this year due to piracy concerns. A bad thing- or a good thing?

Recs this week are: The Caped Crusade by Glen Weldon and Penny Dreadful Season 3!

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