Associated Geekery Episode #135

“By Web Or By Billy Club.”

Darwyn Cooke was a master of the retro medium and an all-around good person. He will be missed.

Associated Geekery #134 is swinging on in to the rescue!

We have lots of news to discuss, but none sadder than the loss of one of modern comic’s greatest artists, Darwyn Cooke. We are all saddened by the loss of such a great talent and a genuinely good soul.

It seems DC has reiterated their policy on harassment in the company, but no word on what- if anything- will be happening to those who have violated that policy- yes, we’re looking at YOU, Eddie Berganza.

In more DC news, they’ve relaunched ANOTHER new logo- this one seems to be an improvement over the banana peel, but we’ll see how long it lasts.

Over at Marvel, it seems good ol’ T’Challa has flexed some muscle and debuted his new series with over 250,000 copies sold- not a bad showing at all for the Black Panther!

Speaking of Black Panther, it seems that former F4/Creed star Michael B. Jordan joins cast of the upcoming Marvel Studios version of the African hero. Wait, John Boyega is rumored as well? Well, awesome!

More news about Marvel Studios, as Shane Black dishes about the Iron Man 3 villain we ALMOST got, no thanks to legendary buzzkill Ike Purlmutter.

In TV news, ABC went on a rampage- killing off The Muppets, Agent Carter, and Galavant. But, in good news, the CW has picked up Supergirl from CBS- which means, yes- a quadruple crossover in the future!

Finally, NBC has debuted a sample of the upcoming super-show Powerless. Which is basically Damage Control. But, it looks pretty good, so we’ll give it a shot!

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