Associated Geekery Episode #136

“Welcome To Spoilertown.”

Add these and more adorable web-slingers to your LEGO Avengers game for free!

We’re back with Associated Geekery #136- to put the spoil back in spoilers. Or something. Whatever.

Speaking of spoilers, how about that Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, huh? Or how about that uproar caused by the reveal that was spoiled?

Or how about that DC Rebirth spoiler?

That reminds us. What are spoilers these days- and what do they actually accomplish for the spoilees?

Meanwhile, in Movie news, DC story guy Geoff Johns looks to be heading over to the studios side of things, to help them move away a bit from the doom and gloom- but didn’t Geoff bring some doom and gloom into the DCU?

And hey, how about that Captain America: Civil War? I heard it made a billion dollars. Yeah it did!

Recommendations this week are: Atomic Highway from Drive Thru RPG and LEGO Avengers Spider-Man DLC for FREE!

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