Associated Geekery Episode #137

“Get On The Payload.”

From Storm Trooper to Jaeger Pilot- John Boyega is cancelling all sorts of apocalypses!

Blastin’ through bad guys and racing through the streets, it’s Associated Geekery Episode #137!

Jumping right into it- is anyone else not entirely surprised Marvel immediately killed off a prominent black hero in Civil War II? And is anyone else upset at it? And why not?

Over at DC, it seems Brian Hitch’s chronic tardiness has caused the publisher to pull the remaining run on his Justice League of America book. Harsh, I say.

In Movie news, it looks like DC has themselves a director for The Flash- “Dope” filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa!

Rumor has it that Brie Larson may be up for the title of Princess Sparklefist in Marvel’s Captain Marvel film. She already has a booster in the Captain himself, Chris Evans!

Finally- wait, what’s that? John Boyega cast in Pacific Rim 2? As Stacker Pentecost’s son? Oh, my! Fetch my fainting couch!

For Recommendations this week, Dawk expounds on the wonder that is OVERWATCH.

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