Associated Geekery Episode #140

“Potential For Shrinkage.”

Anime Expo is this weekend in LA! See you there!

It’s bigger and badder than ever- Associated Geekery Episode #139!

Dawk & Ryan are back to talk nerd news of the past week, and to lend you some recommended geekiness!

So, that whole Captain America thing seems to be explained- yes, explained. Not backtracked. Not hastily re-written. C’mon guys, you know how comics are made.

In Movie news, James Gunn takes a bold stance by promising more representation in toys for Guardians of the Galaxy’s female characters. We’ll see if that plays out with more female representation in the movie itself.

Also- who’s ready for a ripped Commissioner Gordon? JK Simmons is- that guy is getting hardcore for the new Justice League! But the question is- why?

Meanwhile, on the small screen, CW’s Flash is heading towards the Flashpoint- just what will that mean for the speedster next season?

Videogames got some interesting news- Marvel’s Avengers Academy added it’s first gay character, Union Jack! One can only hope that this leads to more representation in the future- America Chavez, anyone?

Also- an old favorite is looking to make a comeback, as Marvel Ultimate Alliance is getting a new coat of polish for next-gen systems. A story so good, Ryan can’t get his facts straight!

Finally, with the cancellation of Disney Infinity, we’re seeing some saddening images of figures that will never be. RIP Dr. Strange, Peter Pan, and Spider-Gwen!

Recommendations this week: Anime Expo 2016 and Gravity Falls on Hulu!

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